Tips to Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy

Tips to Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy is here. Typing speed is one of the most vital skills. It is also a fundamental skill required in any field. So, at present none can ignore the importance of typing faster accurately. The bloggers need faster typist to save time and do better in the field. The normal typing speed is approximately 38-40 Words per Minute. Typing accurately and typing faster are equally important. Here some tips to speed up Typing are provided.

Tips to Improve Typing Speed and Accuracy

The first step to speed up your typing as well as accuracy is right posture. By the use of proper positioning plus typing habit, one can type with greater speed. You must sit straight. You cannot lean your back forward towards your desk. Proper posture helps boost typing speed and concentration levels.

Along with proper posture you need to position your fingers accurately to type faster. The left-hand pinky finger should be placed on ‘A’ key so that you can use all the keys to the left. The right-hand pinky finger should be positioned on the Colon/Semi-colon button for everything on the right. You must place one of your thumbs on the Spacebar key.

Regular practice of daily typing will help you improve your typing skills greatly. You will also achieve a better accuracy rate

There are some online tools by using which you can speed up your typing. There are also some best online resources which you can apply for improving your typing speed. Say, QWERTY Warriors which is a typing game to improve your typing skill. Sense-Lang Typing resources is the best source for free typing tutorials, tests, games, certifications etc. You may take Typing Test to check your typing speed plus accuracy for free. is another free typing resource which is effective from beginner to advanced level.

By improving your writing skills, you may develop your typing speed. You may blog daily. BY blogging daily, you may improve both your language and your typing speed.

You have to try to type without looking at the keyboard gradually. Your daily typing will build up the habit of typing faster without looking at the keyboard.


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