Commonwealth Scholarship in England-Tk.2 Lac Per Month

Commonwealth Scholarship in England-Tk.2 Lac Per Month. Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) in the United Kingdom offers the interested candidates scholarship which will provide Tk.2 Lac per Month. The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) awards over 900 scholarships and fellowships for postgraduate study and professional development to Commonwealth citizens each year. Students from developing countries will get the scholarships. Generally, the international students will receive the scholarship for 1 year Masters Courses.

The purpose of The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) is to contribute to the UK’s international development aims and wider overseas interests, hold up excellence in UK higher education, and prolong the principles of the Commonwealth. These scholarships are great opportunities for the students from developing countries who are not in a state to undertake Master’s level study in the UK, to gain skills and knowledge.

CSC selects candidates according to their merit and potentiality to add to the needs of their home countries.

Since its establishment in 1959, around 30,000 individuals got this scholarship. Among 30,000 the fund provided by the United Kingdom, managed by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission (CSC) in the United Kingdom awarded 24,000 candidates.

Commonwealth Scholarship in England-Tk.2 Lac Per Month

To apply for a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, candidates must be Commonwealth citizens, refugees, or British protected persons; permanent resident in a developing Commonwealth country; available to begin their academic studies in the UK in September/October 2015; hold a first degree of at least upper second class Honors standard by October 2015; not have undertaken studies lasting one year or more in a developed country; not able themselves, or through their families, to pay to study in the UK.

Student concessionary or other approved airfare to the United Kingdom and return on expiry of the Scholarship; Approved tuition and examination fees; a personal maintenance allowance; a grant for the expenses of preparing a dissertation, where applicable; an initial arrival allowance, including visa reimbursement where applicable; a grant for expenses for approved study travel within the UK or overseas; excess baggage allowance for up to 10 kilograms of books only, when returning home.


Application procedure:
Applicants must apply through host UK university. The selection process will be conducted by the CSC and their host UK University. Applicants must submit their application to the CSC via Electronic Application System (EAS).

Candidates must apply for a Commonwealth Shared Scholarship by one of two methods instructed by the university:
Applying to the university in the first instance using the university’s own application form. Only the selected candidates will then be given opportunity to submit an application to the CSC using the EAS.


Applying to both the university and the CSC at the same time by means of the EAS. Each university has its own closing. The last date for application differs in the universities.

The CSC wishes to promote equal opportunity, gender equity and cultural exchange.

Candidates can Assess Eligibility for all educational institutions for higher study in England (UK) for absolutely free.
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