World Bank Internship for International Students

World Bank Internship for International Students is available now. The World Bank invites applications for Internship for summer session. The Bank will offer an hourly pay to all candidates along with travel allowance. Candidates can take temporary job in USA (Most positions are in Washington, DC while a few positions are in Country workplaces). Fields of Internship are Finance, Economics, Social Sciences (Anthropology, Sociology), Agriculture, Human Development (Public Health, Education, Nutrition and Population), Environment and Private Sector Development. Each year 150-200 interns are employed for a given year. Application deadline for Internship is January 31 (each year).

Qualification: To apply for the Internship, International candidates must have an Undergraduate degree. The candidates must be enlisted in a full-time graduate Study Program who will come back to class for Master’s degree or PhD. The applicants just passed the first year graduation and currently into their PhD programs.

Internship Duration: Internships are offered for a period of four weeks.

Apply process:

Apply Online to pursue the Internship and use either Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 10 or above as your program adaptation. You have to provide an email address and telephone number (Country code + city code + number). You ought to complete your application process in a single session. You ought to provide present contact data.

You need to add the following records (compulsory) before submitting CV: Statement of Interest and Proof of Enrollment in a graduate degree. Know more here.

World Bank Internship for International Students