How to Learn English Fast and Achieve Fluency

Know here how to Learn English Fast and Achieve Fluency. There are lots of ways of improving your English learning. Learning any language demands hard work. English learning is essential because it is a widely used language for business, travel or personal reasons. Again,  English is an excellent language to learn.

How to Learn English Fast

How to Learn English Fast

Make friendship with English speakers:

Make some English-speaking friends to achieve the skill of fluency in English. This process of interaction with English-speaking friends will work magically because you will learn in this process without pressure on you. It won’t feel like you are working on something or studying.

Speak a little English every day:

Build habit of speaking English every day be it very little. To learn any new language, you have to speak it. Don’t just wait for acquiring fluency in ineffective way. Start with whatever you have be it ten English words. Speaking English with another is the fastest effective method of improving skill of learning English.

Grammar নিয়ে শুরুতেই চিন্তা করলে আপনি কোনদিনও ইংরেজি ভালো করে শিখতে পারবেন না। Grammar বই ছুঁড়ে ফেলুন। Grammar এর ভীতি মনে না নিয়ে, শিখে নতুন কিছু শেখার আনন্দে ইংরেজি শিখুন। নিজের সামনে একটা লক্ষ্য নির্ধারণ করুন, আপনার শেখায় গতি আসবে। ইংরেজিতে কথা বলতে গিয়ে, লিখতে গিয়ে আপনি যত বেশি ভুল করবেন, তত দ্রুতই শিখতে পারবেন। ভুল করার ভয় করবেন না।

Expand your vocabulary and use idiomatic phrases:
Expand your vocabulary and use idiomatic phrases to be habituated with speaking English. Your enriched vocabulary and stock of English phrases will make you learn speaking English fast. As soon as you learn a new word or phrase, try to use it in a sentence.
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How to Improve Your Writing, Reading and Listening Skills

 Listen to English radio And Read English book, newspaper or magazine:

 One of the effective ways to improve your English listening is to listen radio or MP3 player in English. Try to understand what’s being said. If you find it difficult to understand, try to pick out key words to get a general idea of what is said.Reading is an essential part of learning a new language, so find something to read every day in English.

Learning Speaking English requires some other ways like Keeping a diary in English; Watching English movies & TV shows; attending an English class or discussion group etc.

Above all, Stay motivated and committed to your language learning goal. Never give up. You are sure to achieve mastery on the English language of every form.

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