Higher Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

Higher Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh related information like Visa process, Visa fee, the required documents and course selection process are described here. To go abroad for higher study every student needs student visa. So, to go to Malaysia you need a visa at first. You have to apply from Bangladesh for a Malaysian visa. To get a student visa of Malaysia, you must apply for a Student Pass. Applicant needs to provide a recent passport size photograph. The photograph is supposed to be less than 6 months old; clicked against a light color; apparent; not framed and of high-quality. After getting a permitted provisional Student Pass, you will get a student visa. You will be given a Student Visa of Malaysia from Bangladesh.

Higher Study in Malaysia from Bangladesh

To get a student pass each student has to spend US$ 17.65 a year or part of a year. Visa fee varies from country to country but it never exceeds US$ 29.41. Every Bangladeshi student needs to pay US$ 220.54 (refundable) as security or personal bond.

After completing student visa application form, applicant must put own signature on it. Applicants must provide the signed application form along with the offer letter. The offer letter must be from Educational Organization. They must submit 2 passport size photo and 2 copies of Passport. They are to provide proof of approved full time course of study by the Home Affairs Ministry; security and personal bond; financial capability to meet course and other expenses and proof of Employment. They need to submit Health certificate. They must show their approval letters upon entrance.

The students will be issued Special Pass to refer them to the individual State Immigration Dept.

Representative of Educational organization is needed to receive as well as attend to the student as soon as he/she reaches.

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