10 Things that Shouldn’t be on Your CV

10 Things that Shouldn’t be on Your CV. Job-hunting is an adventurous course where CV plays a vital role. CV is the reflection of the potential employee as it personifies the employee to the company or the employer. So, everyone wants to make a perfect CV. Yet, while preparing a CV, you should be careful about certain things which may destroy the purpose of the CV. Here are 10 things that Shouldn’t be on your CV.

10 Things that Shouldn’t be on Your CV

Your CV shouldn’t contain unnecessary details. Start with your name as file name so that the employer can differentiate a resume. You need not label your resumé as resumé. You also need not mention date when the resumé was written.

Never apply for a position for which you are not qualified. You must apply for a position that goes with your qualifications and skill.

Proofread your CV vigilantly so that it does not contain any miss spelt word. You CV should be grammatically correct too.

Your objective should be realistic and reachable. Your objective should match your abilities and skill. Your objective must be accurate and specific. Your objective should be vague and meaningless.

You need not mention unnecessary personal information in your CV. You CV should have your personal details for instance age, marital status, sex, hobbies etc but you need not mention your personal likes and dislikes.

You shouldn’t display your photo on your CV if you are not in a profession. Statistic shows that 88% CVs that contain photographs are rejected. But if you are asked to provide photo, you have to include it.

Formatting and layout are important part of a CV. You must present your CV clearly and neatly. Poorly presented CV will give the employer negative impression about you.

10 Things that Shouldn’t be on Your CVMention the relevant previous work experience in your CV. You can include unrelated work experience just briefly. Similarly you need not mention irrelevant achievements in your CV. Excessively lengthy CVs may be overlooked by many employers.

You must provide a professional looking e-mail address in your CV. Your CV should not contain your salary expectations as well.

To sum up, focus on your CV so that it stands out. By focusing on what to do and what not to do, you can reach your goal. Prepare your CV so that it best reflects you.

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