SSC Result 2017 Online:

SSC Result 2017 is soon going to be public by Education Ministry of Bangladesh. Ministry of Education is the top policy making institution of the Bangladesh Government. It administers Education Boards Bangladesh. Education in Bangladesh has three main levels-primary, secondary and higher educations. Primary education is a 5-year cycle. Secondary education is a 7- year phase with 03 sub-stages. The sub stages are 3 years of junior secondary (JSC), 2 years of secondary (SSC) and 2 years of higher secondary (HSC). After Higher secondary, students enter into graduate level education. Graduate level education includes general, medical, technical, engineering, agriculture and business studies streams. This level of education needs 5-6 years to be a Masters Degree holder. So, SSC Result 2017 has got enormous importance for students and guardians. In this piece of writing you will get to know the date of publishing SSC Exam Result 2017, the process of checking SSC Result 2017, link of getting SSC Result full mark sheet, the process of result recheck and many more.

SSC Result 2017 Online

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education is directly involved in conducting SSC exams and publishing results also. In the DSHE website, you will find detail function of Education Board Bangladesh.

There are nine Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education under dshe. They are responsible for conducting the public exams such as SSC and HSC level public exams. Among the total, Seven Boards conduct the general public exams of both SSC and HSC. They are going to publish SSC Exam Result 2017 as well. The seven general Boards are Dhaka Board, Barishal Board, Sylhet Board, Comilla Board, Rajshahi Board, Dinajpur Board, Chittagong Board and Jessore Board. Madrasha Education Board conducts Dakhil to Kamil level public exams. The Boards also run the Non-government madrashas. Technical Education Board is entrusted with the duty of conducting certificate and diploma exams in technical education. Moreover, the Boards are responsible for the recognition of the private sector educational institute.

SSC Result 2017

SSC Result will be online at 2 pm on We got to see PSC Result 2017 & JSC Result 2017 too in this website. HSC Result 2017 will also be available on

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When SSC Result 2017 will be published?

To be straight, SSC Result 2017 will be published in May, 2017. You will get the exact date as soon as it is declared by concerned body. Primary level education in BD is provided under two major stream-general and madrasha. Secondary education has got 03 major streams: general, technical-vocational and madrasha. Higher education, similarly, also has 3 streams: general (inclusive of pure and applied science, arts, business and social science), madrasha and technology education. Technology education includes agriculture, engineering, medical, textile, leather technology and ICT. Madrashas have similar core courses as in the general stream but have additional importance on religious studies.

How to get SSC Result 2017?

SSC examine can get their SSc result in several ways. You may get your SSC Result online. There is chance to get your SSC Exam Result 2017 via mobile sms. You have various apps too in your reach to check your result. Two ministries manage and administer Education System in Bangladesh. Ministry of Education prepares policies and programs for the development of post-primary to higher education. There are several attached bodies for administration and management of formal education in Bangladesh. There are about 40336 post primary secondary schools/colleges/madrasahs along with 37 public and 92 private universities. SSC Result 2017 online link is: You just need your roll number to see your ssc result. Send a message to 16222 by typing SSC/Alim <space>First 3 letters of the board<space>Roll Number<space>Passing Year to get SSC Result 2017 via Mobile Message.

Check SSC Result 2017

Concerned SSC Examinee may check SSC Result 2017 from our site as well. Below are the links to check your long expected result.

Download SSC Result 2017 Dhaka Board

Download SSC Result 2017 Chittagong Board

Download SSC Result Barishal Board 2017

Download SSC Result 2017 Sylhet Board

Download SSC Result 2017 Comilla Board

Download SSC Result 2017 Rajshahi Board

Download SSC Result Dinajpur Board 2017

Download SSC Result 2017 Jessore Board

Download Dakhil Result 2017 Madrasah Board

SSC Result 2017 Full Mark Sheet:

SSC Result 2017 will be public by following Grading system. Every examine has quest to see his subject wise marks. By the blessing of science, you may get your SSC full Marksheet on the very day of publishing SSC Result.

How to apply for SSC Result Re-scrutiny 2017?

It is not at all expected to anybody to go for Result Re-scrutiny. Yet, it is a facility for those who are not satisfied with their available result. There can be mechanical problem too. Whatever be the reason, if anybody is willing to re-check his ssc result, he or she should apply by teletalk mobile sms. The complete process along with application date will be available here duly.

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