How To Answer: “Introduce Yourself ” in Job Viva

How to Introduce Yourself in Job Viva. Interview introduction is the most important part in an interview. It directs the first impression of you to the interviewers. Talking about yourself has to be the easiest thing to do. There are some certain job interview questions. “Introduce yourself” is one of them. The most significant part of any job interview is the beginning. This is an opportunity to create a great impression to your interviewer. There are different ways to introduce yourself. Mainly, introducing yourself depends on the interviewers’ inquiries. Yet, here is a general detail of How to Introduce Yourself in Job Viva.

How to Introduce Yourself in Job Viva

In case of Technical interview, if you are asked the question “Introduce yourself”. Mention your name then, talk about your academic background, your projects, different workshops, seminars and conferences that you attended. Try to highlight relevant internship or experience.

In the HR interview, start with your name, Family background, Educational Background. Then, talk about your personal experiences. Present yourself as the candidate who would fullfi the qualities that the organisation needs.

If you have experience, then state your experience to highlight yourself. Whenever, you mention your qualities (like innovative, assertive, hardworking and quick learner), try to discuss situation in which your qualities are reflected.

The main points of Introducing Yourself are:

  • Name
  • Family background
  • Educational Background
  • Work experience (if any)
  • Strengths & weakness
  • Hobbies
  • Career objective

Here is a sample description for you:

“It’s my pleasure/joy to introduce myself to you. This is….. (Candidate’s name). I completed my Honours and Masters degree from the department of……from….(University name) with CGPA….(Own CGPA) respectively.” If your Honours and Masters are from different universities, then mention them separately. Firstly, “I completed my Honours from the department of……from….(University name) with CGPA….(Own CGPA). Then, I completed my Masters degree from the department of……from….  (University name) with CGPA….(Own CGPA).”

After that, describe your streangths & skills. It can be, “I am innovative, Passionate, Hardworking and Quick learner. I have ability to work under pressure. My communication skill is excellent. I am able to convince people through logical way. I try to think positively.”

If you have relevant experience, mention that. You can tell how you are developing in your work.

You can talk about your hobbies.

If you are a fresher, you can say, “I will prove myself if I get the opportunity.”

How to Introduce Yourself in Job Viva

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Here are some Tips for Impressing Your Interviewer:

Don’t go for the interview unprepared. Research the organization and know as much as possible. Besides researching the organization, try to have some inside information about the company/ organization and its employees.

Practice may not be perfect; however it helps you make a good impression. Review the most frequently asked interview questions.

Put on appropriate interview outfit.

Review the job posting. Know as much as you can about the job. Your own review about the job posting will help you find out what they are actually looking for.

Avoid damp palms and have a good handshake. Wash and thoroughly dry your hands before entering into interview room. You may also use a tissue to ensure that your hands are dry. When the interviewer greets you, offer to shake hands and introduce yourself. Offer positive smile when you’re meeting the interviewer.

Show your enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Precisely explain what you’d like to do in your next job. Specify how you’re a great fit for the job. Back up your enthusiasm with facts.

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