BD National ID Card Collection & Information Correction Online

BD National ID Card Collection & Information Correction Online. You can collect your BD National ID Card Online in 02 minutes. BD National ID Card Information Correction Online. Here is described all the processes. Register process for BD National ID Card Online. Here is the process of changing or correcting the National ID Card Information. National ID card is an important card for the citizens. It ensures many facilities for the country people. At the same time, it safeguards law and justice of a country. NID info modify or adjustment Process is very important. Election Commission Bangladesh has given privilege to change the National ID Card (NID) Information easily.

BD Smart Card Collection:

BD Smart Card Collection

BD National ID Card Collection & Information Correction Online

BD National ID Card Collection:

Step 1: Collection of NID is very easy now in BD. If you have slip number of registration for NID, you can get your NID online in a jiffy. At first click here.

You will be lead to a page like below:

BD National ID CardGive your slip number, age, and Captche. You will get your NID number.

Step 2:

If you want your online voter card, click here.

BD National ID CardStep 3:

Filling up the required fields, complete your registration here.

BD National ID Card Collection 2After registration, you can log in with your voter id no and password. You can download your NID as per your need.

Step 4:

This is a NID, which you can use anytime.

BD National ID CardBD National ID Card Information Correction Online:

BD National ID Card Information Correction Online. The New Voters and those who are willing to incorporate or correct information must go through the following process. There are three options from Election Commission Bangladesh for you. These are-

  1. Do you want to be new voter?
  2. What are documents essential for the NID info?
  3. Do you want to update the info in your NID?

Everybody can easily change or correct their respective NID Card Information. If anyone make any mistake by his/her own, or any mechanical mistake happens, it becomes important to change or correct the NID Card Information.

BD National ID Card Information Correction Online1.     Ways to Get New Voter ID card Online:

The 18 years old people of Bangladesh who could not be voter anyway, they must register for national ID card. You are able to get registered at your Thana or sub district office with their schedule. To be registered to be a new voter you must have some documents. For example-

  1. Citizenship certificate (if applicable)
  2. SSC Certificate.
  3. Age proof certificate.
  4. Date of Registration.
  5. Utility bill copy / holding Tax Receipt/ house rent receipt (generally any such evidence)
  6. Passport / Driving License / TIN-.
  7. Father/ mother/ husband / wife Id copy (if applicable)

New Voter ID card Registration Online

  1. NID Update Process:

To update your national identity information, you need the following documents.

  • ID Card Correction Form.
  • Lost ID Card copy Issue Form
  • Application Form to delete name from voter list (Form – 12)
  • Voter Registration Form (Form – 2).
  • Application Form to change voter area / migration (Form-13)

BD National ID Card Information Correction Online

  1. NID Info Correction Process:

Bangladesh Govt along with Election Commission has given the chance to change NID Online.  Anyone can adjust or correct the Bangladesh National Identity Card information. Anyone can Change Photo also. You can change Info Online:

  • Address Change
  • Information Change
  • Move You Voter Area.
  • Photo Change.
  • National ID Card Present Process Information.
  • Re-Print National ID Card/Voter ID Card.

BD National ID Card Information Correction Online

  1. Way to Change National ID Card Photo or Info:

To change or correct your Photo or information of NID, just visit NID Website and follow the instructions given below:

  • You must Login with Your Card Info and SMS Verification Code that is received by SMS.
  • You must Fill up All Necessary Information Carefully to Complete the Registration Process
  • You must print it.
  • You must carry all Necessary Papers’ ScanCopy to Prove your Information.
  • Put your Signature and Submit Online.

To fill-up all required information of the application form correctly you have to:

  • Put Your 13 Digit national ID card Number.
  • Your Password have got to be between 8-13 Digit and contain Capital Latter and Number
  • Choose Your Birth Date as per your National ID Card.
  • Enter your E-mail ID (But Not compulsory )
  • Give Your Mobile Number Correctly.
  • Give your Present Address Info.

After all this, Fill-up Captca Code properly and Click on Registration or (“রেজিষ্টার”)

Apply for National ID Card Information Correction:

If the whole registration Process has been completed correctly, then you will get a verification code in your mobile phone. Then, there will be option to enter verification code and submit for registration. If you don’t get the verification code within 2-3 minutes, then send request again for verification code. More here

Once you finish all process of Registration, then you can login to NID panel via



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